ViBe & Wrestling interviews WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. His memories of the Undertaker and his storyline with Sheamus

ViBe & Wrestling got the chance to speak to the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre a few days prior Survivor Series where he is expected to face the Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Before that we wanted to ask the ‘Scottish Psychopath’ about his memories of the Undertaker and where is the Sheamus’ storyline going.

This interview is the second of a very special week where we got the chance to talk to the Undertaker in a very intimate and exclusive interview. We can’t wait for Sunday where we will witness the “Farewell of the Deadman” and some amazing matches like the one mentioned above.

Memories of the Undertaker

“I tried to give you all the best ones since I was at the the WWE archive warehouse, thank you for watching that for one, hopefully undertaker’s okay with me doing impressions of him it’s like everyone knows drew does impressions as well. That was pretty much like my favorite interactions with him… I was just a young kid just not quite understanding the lessons he was trying to teach me and I wish I could go back in the time machine and just listen to those conversations when he was trying to help me out and he was speaking at such a high wrestling IQ that I wasn’t quite following him.

“Some of the funny things he said like: ‘I’ve got more hair on my ass than you’ve got in your face’ when I tried to grow a beard for the first time… but one of the bigger things like observing him was a big thing for me just watching the kind of person he was how much respect, or he is, and how much respect he had in the locker room. I’ve seen him, and I can talk about this because it’s in ‘The Last Ride’ and it’s not a secret anymore, I’ve seen him and how much pain he was in and he would not show it to anybody unless I caught him.

“Anyways, he thought he was alone I could observe just that he was a lot of physical pain but he was such a proud man and he was so proud of at the time it was kind of Raw versus SmackDown, still is but at the time, on the european tours he was very proud that SmackDown would draw higher numbers than Raw during the international tours and he kind of led by example and he would fight through every night no matter what pain he was in and I caught him a few times like struggling backstage but he was in front of that crowd you would never know he was flying around the ring like a cruiserweight giving everything he had 110% every night that’s not tv this is like the house shows this is the non-televised stuff and I saw that kind of work ethic no matter what condition he was in i thought all right this is the guy right here this is somebody who loves this industry and this is someone I want to be like”.

On his storyline with Sheamus and where is it going?

“Where would I like to go? I’d like to keep doing what we’re doing. I think it’s interesting and different to anything we’re doing because obviously Sheamus is seen as a bad guy on television I’m kind of seen as a good guy on television and you’ve got us interacting with each other and you see that we’re obviously friends and the feedback I generally get is it feels natural this is how people talk in real life this is just real.

“We’re kind of peeking around the corner watching these guys because we are real friends, we’ve known each other forever, he was the bestman at my wedding and the chemistry on screen was real because we have that real relationship and I’d like to keep going down the path we’re on right now. I don’t think we need to jump into a match everyone keeps saying oh when’s rigging to turn around and I get ‘Brogue kicked’ why’d they have to ‘Brogue kick’ me right away?

“We’ll get 52 weeks of tv we can take this as far as we can take, it maybe we can do something together how interesting would that be if he’s still Sheamus doing the nasty things he does and I’m still Drew McIntyre doing what I do over here but in the middle sometimes we tag and we’re able to interact with each we have that friendship and see how that can go there’s so many possibilities that I don’t think we have to jump into a match to way down the line… and again 52 weeks of tv let’s not rush a story for once“.

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